3 things you should know about The ReZident’s electric grid

Aug 18, 2022

With the state of affairs at Eskom giving us all more anxiety than service, plans need to be made. You have goals to reach, like making the Dean’s List and memorising a life changing Beyoncé album — *actual* priorities that can’t be compromised by loadshedding.

We do what we can: we check the schedule, plan ahead, charge our devices and move our meetups and study time, only to start crying when the notification comes in and stage 2 has turned into stage 4.

But not you. You don’t need to. You live at The ReZident, where even the power supply is designed for you to live your best life. Here are 3 things you should know about electricity at The ReZident:

1. We’re backed up

Our power situation is super simple: City of Cape Town is the default supplier of The ReZident’s electrical network. The entire network is also backed up by a diesel generator that’s always on in standby mode. When city power fails for any reason, our systems alert the generator to switch itself on and replace the supply, just like a mall or office building. Since there’s no wait for someone from maintenance to manually switch it on, your total down time is about 10 seconds. You’re welcome.

2. You’re in control

Our smart systems take care of pretty much everything for you, but if you want to look under the hood to understand and control your own power use, you can! Every unit has its own electrical distribution board, covering every plug, light and heater in the room. They come with smart meters that track daily consumption and even hold historical data, and you can access that information anytime, anywhere, as long as you have a device with an internet connection on you. Same situation for water, including a way to track hot and cold usage.

3. We’re in this together

In case you were wondering about the communal spaces, we planned for those too. The whole property has smart consumption and emission considerations designed into it, including the exclusive use of LED lighting throughout.

Basically, we’re a smart village that’s on campus. Don’t think it gets better than that. Ready to join us? Apply today.