3 reasons you should choose student accommodation over going at it alone

Sep 10, 2022

So you got into your dream university — congrats, fam! We’ll leave the speeches about how ‘tHis iS wheN thE reAl wOrK sTaRts’ to your parents. What we wanna know is, where are you going to live?

Moving out and living your best life has been the dream forever. So when you spot a shoebox-sized student apartment near UCT and think it’s the perfect ‘before’ for your Pinterest goals, it’s a tempting deal. The trouble is, you’re about to take on a whole new level of responsibility just by becoming a tertiary student — it’s not great timing for adding on even more, and that’s exactly what getting your own place is.

Sure, there are perks, but they’re not exactly unique. The privacy and independence you are looking for in a space of your own can be found all across Cape Town’s student living community, without the burden of doing everything yourself, and with some MAJOR benefits, too! Well, maybe not across all. Not all Cape Town student accommodation is made equal. Not all Cape Town student accommodation is like The ReZident.

Here are 3 reasons why you should go with a res over a flat — and why that res should be the ReZident:

1. Zero effort social life

Introverts rejoice: In a res, social butterflies aren’t the only people who can make friends! Meeting people is all about opportunity, and here, you have SO MUCH. We’ve already told the bullies, naysayers and killjoys they’re not welcome, so we’re pretty confident you’ll find your people. Also, there’s safety in numbers. And laughter, and class notes, and cool tops to borrow.

2. Zero effort vibes

Don’t let anybody tell you that vibes don’t matter. At the ReZident, the vibes are pre-curated: we went with a sun-soaked-plant-parent-clean-aesthetic Cape Town student accommodation moodboard that even Sabelo the Kreator would approve of, and we think you’ll like it. A space that looks and feels good to use (and doesn’t take the whole weekend to keep clean) is good for you, and good for your studies. Don’t ask questions, it’s science.

3. Best of both worlds

If you think student living means zero privacy, think again. At the ReZident, your room is yours and no one else’s. It has everything you need for an intense study sesh, rest and relaxation or a dance party of one — whatever’s on the agenda. With us you get your privacy and a built-in community, where your space is respected like the grown, independent individual you are.

Ready to move in? Apply to join the ReZident today.