Eating Cape Town – what’s on the menu when living at The ReZident?

Dec 15, 2022

Probably the most frequently asked question for any student living in Cape Town! OK, so what do you feel like eating?

Let’s talk about that all-important necessity. Food! Whether you are used to mom’s cooking every night or you are a budding Michelin star chef, you have loads of options at The ReZident! Most importantly – you have your own private kitchen! As you embark on a life away from home it’s important to have 2 or 3 dishes you can cook really well, simple and delicious like pasta Arrabiata or even that go-to gourmet toasted sarmie. You can cook for one or your crew in your very own private kitchen at The ReZident. Here are some ideas from the BBC Goodfood website to rock student living in Cape Town: Top 10 basic Student Recipes

But let’s face it, there will be some Sunday mornings when you need food on the go and in a hurry. Something greasy and life-saving. Lucky for you the options at your fingertips are unlimited.

The area surrounding UCT probably offers the biggest range of options when it comes to wallet-wise eating in South Africa. Apart from the usual suspects like KFC and McD’s there are a myriad of small little gems to be discovered and their menus to be devoured. You will soon find your go-to favourite eatery. Once again, look for places offering student discounts, don’t ever leave home without your student card.

But then again there will be times when you feel like you are about to die and the mere thought of getting out of your pyjamas and facing people will be too much. Once again, not a problem. Most restaurants offer some sort of delivery service, check out this link for places delivering to your door at The ReZident  and for those who don’t deliver, thank goodness for the Mr D Food, Uber Eats, OrderIn and that other local favourite – Monks Chinese! Remember to order something to rehydrate with your order.

Another great go-to option is UCook, you can tailor your order every week to your specific needs and they offer ingredients for meals for one, two or four. That way you can eat a delicious home-cooked meal every day of the week and make use of your private kitchen at The ReZident.

But that’s not all, living at The ReZident you are truly spoilt for choice. There are multiple big shopping centres close to The ReZident like Rondebosch Main Shopping Centre, Cavendish Square, Dean Street Arcade and many, many more.

And if you want to make a day of it, visit the Biscuit Mill, Rondebosch Park Market, or the Maynardville Garden Market on weekends, they all offer a variety of fresh produce and delicious artisanal and home-made goodies not to be found anywhere else!

Now that we have the food covered, where is the best place to enjoy your feast? Well, how about a secret little sunny spot with some of your besties? Pack a picnic basket and grab a blanket and head for one of the several secluded lawns on and around campus. Some of the best spots are on either side of Jammie Steps. Or try the Fuller Garden, at the bottom of Jammie Steps take a right along Residence Road. You’ll find Fuller Hall on your left and a little further you’ll see a small pedestrian gate, go through the gate and you’ll find a path with lawns dominated by shady trees on both sides.

So, whether you are cooking up a storm in your private kitchen at The ReZident, or chowing down on some local-and-lekker meal at your fav restaurant or market, all that’s left is to say Bon Appétit – may all your meals be magnificent.