Livin la vida loca – student living in Cape Town

Nov 28, 2022

Cape Town Student living can get pretty hectic at times. You will have a million things thrown at you during your first year at UCT. The social life, the nightlife, the love life and of course, the pressure of being an actual student! Classes, lectures, studying, tests and more. Having the ultimate hideaway from the hustle and bustle is a must-have if you plan to navigate your way to success. Added to this is the fact that load-shedding is not going away . You simply cannot afford to navigate your first year in the dark. 

You want a student apartment near UCT, but hey, you don’t want to live in a regular old res, you want the independence to choose when you want to interact, or when you want some me-time. Step into The Rezident, we offer lighting-fast WIFI with no dead zones and 24/7 backup power. Lighting the way to your success. 

In anticipation of your year ahead, we know that you will feel like you need a personal assistant simply to cope. Luckily it’s 2023 and there’s an app for that (and we have the electricity and the WIFI)! We had a look at a few of the must-have FREE apps to help you streamline your life. 

  1. UrSafe: great for keeping safe on a night out. 

No one goes out at night looking for trouble, but sometimes trouble might find you! Don’t get into a dangerous situation that can be avoided. 

UrSafe is an app tailored for when you are walking or getting a lift home and don’t feel safe.

This app has loads of great features like allowing your friends to follow you on a map when you feel insecure and sending an SOS signal to your designated contacts or emergency services when you press a button or say a key phrase. 

  1. Sleep Cycle: ensure you wake up in a kinda decent mood.

Stressing about tomorrow’s exam or waiting for those test results? This app tracks your movements to help you stay awake when you need to and sleep when you have to. You need to get a good eight hours every night – but if that’s not possible, Sleep Cycle is the next best thing.

  1. Notion: ALL your notes in one place!

Notion is versatile, it doesn’t just take notes, you can manage projects, create a calendar, write a daily journal, plan travel dates and much more. You can use it to organise your uni work, and pretty much everything else in your life. It also syncs all your notes across all your devices – so phone to laptop – you’re covered!

  1. Microsoft Office – work like a Kardashian

Tired of lugging your laptop around everywhere? Just use this app. OK, so it’s more than one app, but it’s everything you need to be set up for success. You will need the holy trinity: PowerPoint, Excel and Word but you also get Outlook, OneNote and OneDrive if needed. Allows you to work from anywhere, on any device, at any time. Great for when you have to collaborate on projects.

  1. Picolo for when you want to get pickled

Know your drinking games! All the rules, scores and more – all in one place. Looking to spice up before your night out? Try Picolo on your next pre-drinks.

Some games will take inspiration from other drinking games, like the categories round in Ring Of Fire. Others are pure dares, like having to read out the last text you received. But whatever it throws up, you’re guaranteed to have a great time at pre-drinks.

  1. Uber and Lift

No introduction or explanation needed. For when you need to get to the party, or get back to your student apartment near UCT. Inside tip, check both to compare ride or fare prices.

  1. Bonus

Instagram of course! Make sure you follow @therezidentza to stay Insta Famous and keep up with your fab friends and the activities at The Rezident – what’s not to like?