A student living Cape Town experience you’ll want to remember

Nov 4, 2022

Everyone’s got their own ideas about UCT student life in Cape Town — and if we’re being honest, they’re ideas we cooked up before arriving. Ideas about making the dean’s list, about Allan Gray throwing money at us because we’re geniuses, about meeting The One or a unicorn startup co-founder and about an epic social life that looks like a billboard dream. Too often those ideas are not our own.

It’s something to think about, because what you think you want out of this time may not be yours at all. It might be your parents’, who love you, but aren’t going to live your life for you. It might be your friends, who will change as much as you do over the next few years. At the end of the day, the only person you live your entire life with, the parts people can see and the parts they can’t, is you. So when you unpack for the first time in your new Cape Town student accommodation space, what experience do YOU want to have?

At The Rezident, our goal is to support you while you make your way toward your unique answer to that question. We set up our space to help you avoid a few key mistakes people make: neglecting your social life or academics for the other, and never learning to balance rest and relaxation with all the life admin that piles up every week (trust us — some people never do). You’ll make mistakes, definitely, but so many will be the kind you grow from and learn from — the mistakes that matter.

You’ve probably heard the phrase ‘youth is wasted on the young.’ Some people think it’s the bitter whining of someone with their best years behind them, but what it actually means is a much more universal human truth: We are almost always incapable of knowing the value of what we have until it’s gone.

Time as a tertiary student, bright eyed and ready to make your mark on the world, is precious and limited. So when you arrive at our student apartments near UCT, embrace that. Not the fearful feeling of a ticking clock running out on you. It’s about experiencing everything you can, so you can remember this time and feel good about the people you met, the mistakes you learned from and everything else about how you spent it.

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