What Cape Town student accommodation really costs in 2023

Nov 11, 2022

Let’s face it: Finding student accommodation to rent in Cape Town is an expensive window shopping trip. Life in Cape Town is pricey, and students are not spared, not even with all those discounts. When it comes to Cape Town student accommodation, things get a little more ridiculous every year. We just deal, because what else can you do? It’s a fact of life, like paying taxes — you have to live somewhere.

We’re solution people, not problem people, so we’re going to let you in on a secret: When all the prices seem high, you need to spend less time worrying about the sticker price and more time understanding the value you’re getting. Because even if two options have the same price, that doesn’t mean they offer the same experience.

Our search for Cape Town student accommodation, particularly student apartments near UCT,  yielded some interesting results. We stuck with our neighbourhood near middle campus, to make it a fair comparison for Rondebosch student accommodation. The prices ranged from about R5500 to R9000. Sounds okay, right? Sure, until you get up close and personal with the details of those listings and realise how little you’re getting for your money.

One unit on the lower end (at R6500) didn’t even include WiFi, which is basically like water for students. Laundry facilities were hit and miss, and so was off-street parking. These are all things you end up paying for anyway, over 3 or 4 different bills instead of a single, bundled, value-for-money option.

Then things got worse: we realised the spotty amenities continued even at the top of the price range, where you expect to find a few comforts and conveniences to make all that extra money worth spending. Almost none included a gym, spacious common areas for life AND study, a pool & clubhouse or weekly cleaning.

Look around long enough, and you’ll see that when it comes to value for money in our price range (and in our neighbourhood filled with student apartments near UCT), very little can be compared to The ReZident. We’ve got all of that and more starting at R8500 for an apartment unit where 2 people share a kitchen (not 4 or 5, like some similarly priced Cape Town student accommodation). For a little more, you can even add on secure underground parking if you need it or beef up your WiFi speeds.

For Cape Town student accommodation you won’t hate paying for, apply to join The Rezident today.