Why finding the right student accommodation in Cape Town is major!

Nov 17, 2022

Welcome to the rest of your life. Congratulations! You’ve made it, strap yourself in, things are about to go Top Gun speed. Ask anyone who went to UCT and they will tell you it was the best years of their life. You’ll make besties for life, your mind will be blown and elevated to new and exciting levels. In short, you’re about to have the ride of your life.

Okayyyy, let’s get the boring stuff out of the way. Now, as with most things in life, the good comes with some responsibility. Yes, you will study until your head explodes, but the good news is that there will be loads of time to decompress. UCT student life is renowned to offer some of the best mingling and mixing opportunities to be found. But with the good times, you also need to check yourself. Be ready and prepared for whatever life throws your way. 

Here are 4 things the ReZident offers you to guarantee a good time: 

  1. Location, location, location

The ReZident is part of the UCT safety zone. So, you’ve come to the right place! Our on-campus location (stretching from Middle Campus down to Lower campus) puts us within UCT’s safety zone patrolled by USCID security. This means that you get access to 24/7 safety services from UCT management. It’s almost like having your own team of 007s at your back. Being part of the UCT safety zone offer extra relief when it comes to student living in Cape Town. 

  1. Safety at the res, it’s totally Zen

In addition to being in the safety zone, The ReZident offers additional safety measures to give you even more peace of mind. The res can only be accessed via Biometric access control (Each apartment features state-of-the-art biometric access door locks), we have a dedicated private security team of 8 on-site security guards on foot patrol (always in coordination with campus protection services), security cameras and electronic fencing. Furthermore, we have a dedicated “house mother” on-site, should you need emergency assistance. 

  1. Getting around – like a VIP

Being inside the safety zone offers you secure access to various transport options available to you. We also offer secure parking (monitored by CCTV and security). The ReZident shares a border with the President’s residence (currently housing the Deputy President of South Africa), pretty neat neighbours to have right? The ReZident Lover’s Walk was designed with multi-faceted security solutions for your safety and security. Offering you access to some of the most secure student accommodation in Cape Town near UCT 

  1. The Power is in your hands

Load shedding has us all on a rollercoaster of levels and studying by candlelight is simply not cool. That’s why The ReZident keeps the lights burning so you can keep learning. Our backup beast of a generator kicks in 10 seconds after the power goes off. The WiFi is lighting fast and most importantly – NO dead zones, so you can be online whenever or wherever you are in the res.

 Want to know more? Check out our Insta (@therezidentza) and have a look at all the amazing snaps of life at The ReZident – or hit us up on our website: therezident.co.za We offer various solutions to your student accommodation needs. Stay for a month, or 3 or 6 – or even longer if you like. There are many more reasons to move in today. We guarantee you’ll enjoy your stay. We took the time to think of everything you might need, our facilities check every box that matters and then some. You’re welcome!