4 ways you get more out of student living in Cape Town at The Rezident

Oct 28, 2022

Inflation is no one’s friend, folks. Even if things do cool down, it might not be anytime soon. It’s like waiting for Rih’s next album: we’re pretty sure it’s coming, but there’s no telling when, so we should be prepared to be here a while. Cape Town student accommodation was already pricey before inflation came along, so if you weren’t serious about counting your rands and cents before, you’ll need to be now.

We’ve already talked about the cost of student accommodation in Cape Town near UCT so today, let’s break down all the additional value you get by going with The Rezident. Here are 4 ways you get more out of student living in Cape Town at The Rezident:

1. Kitchen Sanity
With no more than two people to one kitchen, there is peace in the fridge. No whodunnit investigations about who ate your snacks, and no 2 am meal prep just because it’s the only time you can have the place to yourself.

2. Walkable neighbourhood
No one truly appreciates the meaning of ‘walking distance’ until they’re in a place where they have to drive or use other transport to get anywhere useful. From The Rezident’s student accommodation, Cape Town’s Rondebosch area is at your doorstep, and so is everything it has to offer. Forgetting that 1 thing on your grocery run just doesn’t feel like the end of the world anymore.

3. Backup power
Sadly, a generator isn’t guaranteed at most student apartments near UCT, especially in standalone houses and flats that aren’t part of a student community. Suspend the schedule indefinitely at The Rezident, where the backup generator kicks in within 10 seconds of Eskom doing her thing.

4. Space
SO much of it. Unlike the common spaces at most Cape Town student accommodation locations, The Rezident’s are abundant and pleasant to use, so you’ll actually use them. They’ve also got dedicated purposes: studying, chilling and socialising with a braai by the pool, not to mention a games room, gym and laundromat you don’t have to leave home for.

There’s none of that awkward tip-toeing around each other, hoping that what you want to do doesn’t interrupt someone else’s chosen activity (or vice versa). It’s also a major plus to have somewhere to hang out that won’t make you buy a cup of coffee to justify being there.

Ready to move in? apply to join The Rezident today.